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How to Find Startup Money


So you have a great business idea, you are all organized and have put together a strong business plan, now all you need to do is find start-up capital. So where do you go? Who do you pitch? Finding an investor for your start-up can be one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face, however it is not impossible. There are many different ways to go about finding an investor, but sometimes the simplest way is the best.

Why not join the internet's largest network of angel and startup investors seeking investment opportunities and entrepreneurs seeking funding on PitchStreet's funding platform to gain access to a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, startups, angel investors, angel groups, franchise opportunities and other lending sources all over the US and Canada. 

Browse start-ups and investors by location, interest, and investment amount. Build your profile and share it to all the investors online. With the largest database of investors in North America, this is the easiest way to get network.

Not only will signing up to Pitchstreet's platform bring you closer to investors and start-ups, but we use a Proprietary Match-Making system, so every time to update your profile ad / pitch, it will get sent straight the inbox of investors with similar interests. If they are interested and what to learn more, they will simply send you and email and there you have it, you're networking and 1 step closer to getting funded.

Try it out today for Free! Create an account, fill out your profile and see what comes your way.

It's 100% free. Go to to learn more.


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